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Burgess’ in-house specialists ensure a full range of Management and Commissioning Services are delivered to the IT industry

Burgess Management Consultants offer a full range of commissioning and management services, to data facility end users, operators and constructors.

Our primary role is to ensure that systems and services are commissioned, tested and witnessed in a timely manner and in accordance with the approved programme; along with a full review of the systems for commissionability, resilience, access and maintainability.

We regularly represent the client or the purchasing contractor on factory acceptance tests for all types of equipment and our specialist discipline staff ensures that those tests are undertaken in accordance with the approved method statement.

Our team  fully witness and report on the following range of specialist equipment:

  • Heavy electrical equipment e.g. UPS (rotary and static), generators and synchronous control systems, sub-stations, control and distribution panels
  • Chillers and cooling towers
  • Air handling units (AHUs) and computer room air conditioning units (CRACs)
  • Fan coil units and computer room air conditioning units
  • Packaged pump and  pressurisation systems sets
  • Building management systems
  • Small electrical systems e.g. access control, fire alarm systems, PLC / SCADA systems etc. services

Burgess has been involved with the following data centre projects, undertaking various commissioning and validation management roles to full IST testing:

  • Jeddah – Saudi Airlines
  • Woolwich Building Society
  • Royal Life – Peterborough
  • Global Switch II – Docklands
  • Metrological Office Relocation – Exeter
  • Citibank – Lewisham
  • Global Switch II – Amsterdam
  • Royal Bank of Scotland – Southend
  • Project Gemini – Croydon
  • Microsoft – Croydon
  • Rackspace (day 1) – Slough
  • Nova Savvis – Slough
  • Tele City Phase 1 – Acton
  • Tele City Phase 2 – Acton
  • Rackspace (day 2) – Slough
  • Merrill Lynch – Camberley
  • HSBC – Wakefield
  • Tele City Phase 1 – Stockholm
  • Tele City Phase 2 – Stockholm
  • Nova Savvis Phase 2
  • Project Horizon -Corby