The internal environmental conditions which mechanical services produce and sustain together with the complexity of electrical installations within the built environment have assumed an ever increasing importance both in the United Kingdom and Overseas.  The establishment and proving of these systems prior to project completion is now a fundamental requirement.  In addition the requirements of the manufacturing, process and data processing industries for clean and stable conditions both environmentally and within specialist process system areas have become fundamental to product control and assurance.

Over thirty five years ago Chris Burgess recognised that the setting to work, fine tuning and performance testing of such systems was to become a specialist discipline in its own right.  To meet that demand Chris founded C.R. Burgess Commissioning Ltd at that time becoming one of the founding services based commissioning companies; independent of contractor based departments.

Since inception the company’s role has diversified to meet the demands of our clients.  That growth and diversification lead to the formation of Burgess Management Consultants Ltd and Burgess Integrated Systems Ltd, each satisfying the particular needs of their clients whilst operating under the banner of Burgess.

Today the Burgess Group is acknowledged as leaders in their field of activity.  Burgess Group asset is in the high quality of staff we employ and its market leading clients, who, as matter of course, place complete faith in the ability of the Burgess Group of companies.

The diversity of works undertaken by Burgess is an illustration of the spectrum of ability available.  From the handover of our first data centre building in Jeddah in 1983 the Saudi Comdata to high street shopping malls and Class 1 laboratory installations at Pfizer in Sandwich. Each too fast track programmes, stringent operating parameters and delivered as specified on the due date, the attention to detail is the same and the dedication to the final product.

The Burgess clientele includes installation contractors, design consultants, architects, property developers, management contractors, pharmaceutical, semi-conductor and chemical manufacturers, the major high street retailers, building owners, operators and tenants.