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KAO Data Centre

The worlds of innovation and business converge at KAO Data, London’s largest data centre campus. Located on a newly redeveloped science and technology hub in the heart of the United Kingdom’s influential London-Stansted-Cambridge corridor. With a long history of scientific and technological breakthroughs, including the momentous discovery of fibre optic cable, the site is the perfect location for any business looking to place itself firmly at the forefront of information communication and technology services.


Through the adoption and execution of diligent commissioning and validation process throughout the project life-cycle, our objective was to deliver unrivalled resilience, security,  energy-efficiency and sustainability during the operational life of the data centre.


Key points

Adherence to ASHRAE commissioning levels 1-5

Implementation of coloured tagging sign off regime

Production of detailed IST scripts

Management and coordination of IST process

Proving of electrical and thermal performance

Managing integration of disparate elements of the process cooling system

Provision of uninterrupted day 2 expansion


Data Centre

JCA Engineering Ltd

Project Challenges & Characteristics

As with all data centres, electrical resilience, environmental stability and full system integration are mandatory requirements to ensure a successful operational life cycle of the facility.

Of particular note was the integration and commissioning of the process cooling system, which combined  reverse osmosis, a raw water system and indirect evaporative cooling units.

Extensive testing of electrical capacity using load banks
Extensive testing of the cooling systems using simulated load
Ensuring all documentation completed and compiled correctly for handover

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