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Commissioning Management

With the increasing complexity of the services within modern buildings and the evolution of the ‘Smart building’ concept, it is vital that all building components function correctly and holistically.

Commissioning Management is the essential systematic process that controls the progression of systems and equipment from installation through to integrated system testing.

It is a logical and progressive sequence of inspection, testing, commissioning and integration that ensures each system is fully compliant to the design specification and all relevant codes, standards and practices.

Arising from humble origins as a hands-on commissioning company, Burgess have been at the forefront of Commissioning Management for over thirty five years. In which time we have successfully fulfilled our role in the completion of many of the United Kingdom’s most iconic buildings.

To assist in the management process we have developed a bespoke software application, the CMP. The successful completion of any project is dependent on the production of a comprehensive, logical and fully linked and coordinated commissioning programme.

The CMP is then used to extract data from this programme to populate a series of dashboards and trackers. These can then be used to monitor progress and status from a ‘macro’ site wide level on a monthly basis, down to a ‘micro’ level which confirms the status of an individual system on a specific day.

The CMP is infinitely flexible and can be filtered, structured and tailored to individual client requirements.

Burgess Management Consultants - Concept to Commissioned - Battersea Power Station

The successful management, co-ordination and programming of this process are fundamental to the success of a project.

We are a team of dedicated and experienced professionals drawn from a wide range of backgrounds and disciplines, who are committed to project deliverables. Our philosophy is simple: Achieve and maintain the highest possible standards of services commissioning management.

The commissioning management role can vary considerably, depending on the project and the level of involvement required.

The following are typical duties involved in the role:

  • System commissionability reviews
  • Development of the commissioning plan
  • Development of the commissioning programme, including identification of the critical path and construction milestone drivers
  • Production and installation monitoring to specification and standards
  • Production of monitoring documents to track factory acceptance tests, method statement production, testing, commissioning and final acceptance and sign-off

We pride ourselves on our liaison, collaboration and communication skills that ensure that an inclusive ethos is fostered between all project levels.

Commissioning Management Services:

Commissioning Programming with software linked documentation utilising bespoke Burgess software

Public health services

Sprinkler and fire suppression systems

Fire alarms and life safety systems

High, medium and low voltage installations


Life safety systems

Generators and UPS installations

Access control, security and CCTV installations

Vertical transportation installation

Management and organisation of commissioning documentation

Co-ordination and organisation of witnessing and sign off inspections

Management of statutory inspections including Building Control acceptance

Production of operation and maintenance manuals, user guides and building logs


Design, buildability and maintainability reviews

Hydronic systems, flushing, cleaning and chemical treatment management

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